When Seattle native Pete Knutsen named his company and one of his fishing boats “Loki,” after the mischievous Norse god, he may have had in mind the god’s ability to morph into a host of beings, including a salmon. Sustainable wild salmon and halibut fishing is the lifeblood of the family business that Knutsen and his wife, Hing Lau Ng, launched in 1979, and sons Jonah and Dylan have enthusiastically joined.

“Team Loki,” as Knutsen calls his extended crew, has a Marine Stewardship Council certified-sustainable fishery in the Clarence Strait of southeastern Alaska, and in Washington’s Puget Sound, where wild keta and pink salmon are humanely caught with gillnets.

Not only does Knutsen sell direct at Fisherman’s Terminal to chefs like Maria Hines, but Loki products are available at many Northwest markets and co-ops, at their stands at seven Seattle farmers’ markets, and at their online store offering whole salmon, fillets, jerky, ikura (cured salmon roe), and even canned salmon.