The beautiful seaside town of Duxbury, Massachusetts is the backdrop for a New England seafood feast with chefs Jeremy Sewell and Barton Seaver. The chefs take host Pete Evans to Duxbury’s famous Island Creek Oysters to forage for tasty bivalves. The oysters they gather are paired with grilled Boston mackerel with fennel, basil, and lemon, and a heavenly lobster chowder cooked over an open fire. As befits a celebration of local seafood, this Moveable Feast takes the party to the source—Duxbury’s rocky shoreline, where the ocean waves provide a soundtrack to good eating, New England style.

A word from Pete…

Skip Bennett, Barton Seaver, and Jeremy Sewall are like long lost mates to me; we speak the same language, which is our love of amazing seafood. We all were brought up embracing the best of what the ocean and our waterways have to offer in the form of sustainable food sources and an adventure playground. Barton is a sustainability expert and his knowledge is astounding—I learned a lot from him in just one day.

We visited Skip’s Island Creek Oyster farm to see first hand how his oysters are grown from hatchlings into some of the best in the world. (Thomas Keller from the French Laundry serves only Island Creek Oysters on his menu.) To say that I had a dozen or so would be an understatement. Back at Skip’s shack we cooked lobster chowder, grilled mackerel over an open fire, and enjoyed oysters on the half shell with some friends as the sun went down.  It was a wonderful day spent with some of the nicest folk in the industry.