This week on Moveable Feast with Relish we’re in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to throw a party with James Beard award nominee chef David Vargas, known for dishing up some of New England’s best Mexican cuisine, and chef Will Myska, celebrated for bringing real Texas-style barbecue to the Northeast. Field trips include a stop at Maine Meat Butcher Shop to source local, organic, grass-fed meat, to Barkers Farm to source a specialty heritage corn grown exclusively for chef Vargas, and finally to Vernon Family Farm for pasture-raised chicken and to cook up a harvest feast over open fire. On the menu: Grilled Vernon Family Farm Chicken; Stew with Corn, Fire-Roasted Sugar Pumpkin and Apples; Smoked Lamb Saddle with Butterhead Lettuce Cups with Root Vegetable Salsa; and Italian-style Mexican Street Corn.