About Moveable Feast

What is “Moveable Feast“?

Moveable Feast with Relish, a 13-episode series produced by GBH and Relish.com, takes takes viewers on a culinary journey of discovery, transporting them to diverse regions of the world to explore vibrant food cultures. Our hosts team up with the world’s most innovative chefs, known for their use of fresh regional ingredients, to create spontaneous delicious feasts in unique settings for friends and family that will inspire home cooks everywhere. It’s a culinary jam-fest that you won’t want to miss!

Why watch Moveable Feast with Relish?

Food-loving viewers get to know the chefs, their journeys, and what inspires them. You’ll get answers to questions such as, where chefs source their local ingredients, how a dish is born, and what goes into planning a menu, plus you’ll learn countless cooking tips, techniques, and insider secrets along the way. Viewers go behind-the-scenes to meet the dedicated producers who supply top-notch ingredients to the chefs, and then watch the creativity that’s sparked when the chefs join forces to cook the day’s bounty to create stunning feasts, from an elaborate picnic in the Provencal countryside to an urban NYC rooftop party.

How to watch Moveable Feast with Relish

Moveable Feast with Relish airs on PBS stations, so check your local listings or contact your local PBS station for dates and times. The episodes can also be viewed on YouTubeTV and through Amazon Prime or Prime Video on the PBS Living channel (also available through Apple TV Channels in the Apple TV app).

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