Since 1976, Capay Organic has been growing fruits and vegetables organically in the microclimate of the Capay Valley. While still graduate students at UC Davis, Kathleen Barsotti and Martin Barnes launched a farmers’ market and then a 20-acre farm with other like-minded students, forerunners in the movement to grow food in a more environmentally conscious, sustainable way. Today, after the couple devoted themselves full-time to expanding the farm, they grow more than 150 varieties of fruits and vegetables on 400 acres of certified organic land. Now the second generation of Barsottis, Kathy and Marty’s sons, Noah, Thaddeus, and Freeman, is now running the farm, which has fans such as chef Oliver Ridgeway, at Grange Restaurant and Bar, and Thomas Keller of the French Laundry.

In addition to their traditional CSA, the Barsottis also founded a Farm Fresh to You program that delivers seasonal produce to customers who order online, from office “snack packs” to veggie- or fruit-only options. Capay is a participant in the Donate-a-Box program, which partners with regional food banks to help feed community members in need.

In those boxes might be some of Capay’s finest: rainbow chard, shishito peppers, German butterball potatoes, Nantes carrots, mini seedless watermelons, or Blenheim apricots.

And when the family isn’t working hard planting, tending, and harvesting their crops, they hold farm events and seasonal dinners, such as the Outstanding in the Field meal featured on Moveable Feast.