Andrew Orr had barely graduated from high school when he bought the Westport, Massachusetts, farm he’d been working on for the past three years. With a passion for growing, mentored by farmer Jim Wood, who was about to retire and sell his 13-acre, 107-year-old farm to the Westport Land Conservation organization, Orr worked out a deal with Wood to buy it himself (with conservation easements in place to keep the land agricultural). Now the young farmer (who, even as a kid, had grown strawberries) grows everything from apples and ground cherries to Asian greens, herbs, and even has eggs and pastured turkeys. And chefs like Chris Schlesinger are regular customers.

One of the country’s new generation of farmers, Andrew Orr was also among the youngest, and his efforts to keep farmland growing and to raise a wide range of produce to keep the land healthy has made people take notice—the Today show featured him when he made Wood’s farm his own.

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