Sprawling over nine acres in Seattle’s historic district, Pike Place Market (founded in 1907) is a year-round source for all things edible…and then some. Wander the cobblestone streets to check out the farmers’ market of local vegetable, fruit, and flower stalls that stand side-by-side with butcher shops, cheesemongers, and four world-class fish markets.

Specialty foods range from spices and fine coffees (the market is home to the nation’s first Starbucks) to homemade pastas to jars of honey sourced from area beekeepers. Bakeries abound, and there are more than thirty restaurants to choose from—serving everything from French crêpes to sushi.

Chefs are some of Pike Place Market’s biggest advocates (and customers), and frequently give food and cooking demos, especially in the warmer months.

And if you’re a record or comics collector, a live-music fan, or in the market for finely crafted objects, Pike Place has a huge crafts and music market (as well as plenty of performances) to dip into before, during, or after all the eating and food shopping is done.