Everyone knows how essential corn and flour tortillas are to Mexican cooking. So when a tortilla maker does things just right, its reputation is golden. So it goes with Sanitary Tortilla, a San Antonio institution since 1925. It is one of the few molinos (mills) that still grind their own corn, and it uses masa rather than corn flour, maseca, in its products. And more than 120 restaurants depend on the quality of its tortillas.

Sanitary Tortilla Company was the first factory in South Texas to use machines to make tortillas, which was pretty controversial at a time when the “chili queens” were setting up makeshift restaurants at night in plazas downtown. But Sanitary proved that the tortillas they created could satisfy even the most demanding cooks.

Luis Garcia, who bought the business in 2008, has expanded the tortilla line even further. He’s introduced even healthier varieties of flour tortillas that include cranberry, flax seed, nopal, whole wheat, and white whole wheat. And Sanitary continues to produce the classic corn and flour tortillas, along with taco and chalupa shells, and chicarron.