Press Coverage

“Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking just makes us so…happy. So peaceful. We cannot say a bad thing about it (and we know that we’re known for saying bad things).”
The Braiser, 8/27/2013

“As far as TV goes, the show is a fresh take on learning about how chefs operate and think while they search for ingredients and put them to good use in the kitchen—no irritating competition, trash talk, or judges here. Just cooking and feasting with chefs and their friends.”
KQED Bay Area Bites, 9/14/2013

“The new TV series “Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking,” celebrates the spirit of pop-up cooking events and invites the country’s most innovative chefs, rising culinary stars and food artisans to partake in a food adventure.”
New Haven Register, 9/10/2013

“[F]or many viewers who watch ‘A Moveable Feast With Fine Cooking,’ a collaboration of the public TV station and Fine Cooking magazine, this may be their first taste of the surprisingly rich culinary products from this region.
Boston Globe Food & Dining, 7/9/13

“Viewers will learn from the participants firsthand what ingredients inspire their cooking perspective and the local food treasures and experiences that best exemplify their home cities.”
Eater, 8/27/2013