If you’re looking for shrimp in Miami, the Sanchez family and their Casablanca Fish Market, on the Miami River, can help. They sell 10 kinds of shrimp along with the best of the local daily catch, including red grouper, black grouper, strawberry grouper, “gag” grouper, red hind, rock hind, and speckled hind. Casablanca carries kingfish, mackerel, sea bass, blue marlin, whole or filleted salmon and tuna, scallops, octopus, squid, and conch. Then there are snappers—red, mangrove, lane, yellowtail, and black fin. Before brothers Jorge Luis and Lazaro Sanchez opened the market in 1992, they had fished from boats of their own, so they know fish.

Along with the market, the Sanchezes have two waterfront restaurants that spotlight their fish. Casablanca Seafood locations on the Miami River and Biscayne Bay offer the catch of the day in many forms, including several ceviches like the Tuna “Nikkei,” marinated in orange juice and cilantro, drizzled with teriyaki, and sprinkled with aji limo (super-hot chiles).