Scott Lyons and his crew at Sublicious Farms are, you might say, sort of a Blue Oyster Cult. As in the blue oyster mushrooms they grow in Oakland Park, Florida, which chefs love, along with Sublicious yellow and pink oyster mushrooms.

What really sets Lyons apart from other mushroom growers, though, is his development of a compost (or medium) for growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms as well as many other vegetables and fruits. Lyons spent years coming up with the successful formula for the compost, a proprietary blend of high-mycelium compost from the mushroom harvest and other organic nutrients (such as worm castings and the fibers, or coir, from coconut husks).

So popular have Sublicious compost and mushrooms become, the farm expanded into a 9,000-square-foot warehouse in 2013. And in 2014, Lyons partnered with Chef Glenn Dee to develop a premium line of organic kombucha they call Kombulicious, which comes in wild blends like star fruit, tangerine, and hibiscus; and pomegranate, blueberry açai, and clove.