This week on Moveable Feast with Relish we’re on the road in Boston, where a vibrant and diverse immigrant community is making a delicious mark on the food scene. Among those blazing a trail are multiple James beard award-nominee chef Irene Li and fellow chef Tamika Francis. It’s fall in New England and the chefs source some of the best the season has to offer locally – including harvesting fresh cranberries and honey! Then it’s off to visit the incredible Food Project, an organization that grows some of the best produce right in the heart of the city. Then it’s time to cook up a New England Feast unlike any you’ve ever seen. On the menu: Scallion Pancakes with Cranberry Chutney; Braised Spiced Goat; and Roasted Beet Salad with Pea Shoots and Herbs; and a Cranberry Tequila Cocktail!